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Adoption attorneys approach the adoption in a few different ways, depending on the adoption. Primarily, adoption attorneys handle complicated legal aspects that typically arise from adoption. In some situations, an adoption attorney can act in lieu of an agency, having the lawyer lead the entire process.

An adoption attorney holds expertise in family law, handling everything from stepparent to independent adoption. An adoption attorney can provide essential legal services, handling the paperwork and the required documents, making your adoption more secure.

An attorney can also facilitate most of the adoption process with identified birth mothers (for example, a family member or friend). Clients may find this method more cost-effective than working with an agency.

Choosing an adoption professional is one of the most critical decisions in your adoption. Contact Blattner Family Law Group today to find out how we can help you through this beautiful milestone.

Working Through the Adoption Process?

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Even after a birthmother has placed a child for adoption, she legally has the right to withdraw from the process without consequence. Only after she has signed the final relinquishment papers and the court has signed the adoption order to the adoptive parents have any legal rights over the child. Unfortunately, withdrawal is relatively common with adoption, occurring in approximately one-third of all cases.

In Maryland, adoption agreements in independent or stepparent adoptions are optional. If you do have an agreement, they can include terms related to visitation or contact, including the type of access and frequency of communication.

One of the greatest fears of most couples in an open adoption is the fear of losing that child if the birth mother wants her baby back. Thankfully, adoption attorneys take the proper legal steps to ensure that isn’t possible. Blattner Family Law Group attorneys support adoptive parents with solid legal footing, protecting clients now and in the future.


Choose an attorney whose expertise in family law will help to make this process easy.


An adoption attorney has the expertise you need.

An adoption lawyer can help you understand state or country-specific laws while providing guidance based on your unique case.


Adoption attorneys offer a host of services to help families finalize their adoption.

Services include private, stepparent, international, or same-sex couples wanting to adopt.


The complexity of the adoption process depends on your case.

Legal complications of failing qualifying examinations or missing documents could extend this process longer. A lawyer can help ensure that doesn’t happen.


The adoption process is a life-changing and emotional experience. Extensive paperwork, examinations, and court appearances can pose unnecessary delays to the process, especially if you’re inexperienced in the requirements. Don’t risk your adoption with inexperience.

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