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As of last year, more than 4,000 children were looking for adoptive parents in Maryland.

Adoption is becoming more necessary as children are displaced by natural disasters all over the globe. Not only can you help a child flourish after devastating events, but you can also grow your family. Before you start diving into the process, it helps to know the costs.

If you want to discover the fees attached to adoption, hiring an attorney can help. Keep reading to discover more about the process and estimate your adoption lawyer costs!

Types of Adoption

Before breaking down adoption lawyer costs, you need to determine which type of adoption process you’ll be following.

The state of Maryland has three types of adoption that families can pursue. Regardless of which route you take in adopting a child, the natural parents are given a chance to provide consent for the relocation. If the parents don’t consent, a file of objection must be filed with the court.

Our team can assist you with selecting an appropriate type of adoption. Take a look below to learn about your choices.

Private Agency

If you decide to work through a private agency, you should expect higher adoption lawyer costs.

Private agencies are great for adoptive parents since they provide training and education. These agencies match services to birth parents, adoptive parents, and children. Costs are typically raised due to additional prerequisites and completion steps.

Before placements occur, private adoption agencies require assessments and home studies. Post-placement assessments are also given to ensure the child is adjusting well.

Since the court is required to appoint a lawyer for these types of adoptions, you don’t have to stress over the costs. People with disabilities and minors with children will also receive an attorney in court. JM Blattner offers affordable prices and is willing to work with clients based on their circumstances.

Working with our team will give you the confidence that your case will be closely looked at. Appointed attorneys may have limited time and resources since they are juggling so many clients. Although these costs can be higher than public agency adoptions, we ensure the costs are worth the help.


Similar to private agency adoptions, independent options are filed by a private party.

Co-parents and stepparents typically get an independent adoption when they remarry. For example, if you are married and want to legally adopt a step-child, this would be the best option. These costs aren’t much higher than public agency adoptions, but your attorney will have more work cut out for them.

Another reason to use this type of adoption is for non-American children. If you want the adoption to solidify the child’s United States citizenship, our team can help you file the paperwork. If you connect with a foster child, you can start making arrangements with our team of attorneys.

Public Agency

If you’re hoping to adopt without spending a lot of money, public agencies are your best option.

JM Blattner has experience with public adoption agencies in Maryland that you can rely on. When the Department of Social Services files a case, parental rights are terminated. This opens an opportunity to adopt a child at minimal costs after fostering them for a period.

Fostering can be useful for parents who are new to adoption. This is the initial step of adopting to get the child in your home and ensure it’s a proper fit for them and the parents. Since there are many factoring contingencies in these adoptions, it’s important to have an attorney on your side.

Our team can help you file the paperwork for fostering so that adoption is an option. Make sure you view our take on adoption myths so you’re prepared. Understanding the paperwork will help you complete it on time, which will prevent you from missing an opportunity to adopt.

Adopting in Maryland

Depending on the case details, you will pay either a fixed rate or an hourly one.

Some attorneys charge up to $300 an hour for adoption services. However, when there are special concerns, however, this number can increase. When it comes to putting a child up for adoption or finding one to grow your family, you can find plenty of resources.

Maryland prioritizes finding homes for children to build resilience and a foundation for the future. We can help facilitate most adoption and family legal processes with birth mothers and primary caregivers.

A common concern for adoptive parents is that the birth parents will one day take their child back. We specialize in cases such as these to prevent it from happening. Blattner Family Law Group helps support parents with legal footing for the present and in the future.

The JMB Process

JM Blattner has a strong connection with clients because we provide thoughtful and productive aid.

Working with us will allow you to save money, so you can spend it on more important things. Buying new clothes, toys, and items, for example, will help the child adapt instead of living under a stretched budget. Below, we break down our process so you know what you’re paying for and the benefits that come attached.

Contact Our Team

Since every adoption case varies, our experts will need the details to break down the costs.

JMB understands the mixed emotions that come along with adoption. Becoming new parents and accepting a child into your home and arms is a huge step, and you don’t have to do it alone. We have broken down how to choose an adoption lawyer to make things easier.

We offer free consultations to get you started. In this first contact, we will explore your options and listen to your circumstances and goals. These initial conversations will set the tone for your adoption and give you confidence to proceed.

Determine Your Goals

Clarifying your goals may take time, especially if you don’t know much about the Maryland adoption process.

Depending on your goals, you may have to pay extra in adoption fees. Closed adoptions, for example, can be complex since they prevent the birth parents from contacting your adoptive child. These are some of the more challenging court cases, so you need to know your intentions.

JM Blattney will work with you to identify and break down these goals to move forward with your family. We provide adoption services to private, same-sex couples, stepparents, and international residents. Before your first consultation, think about the purpose of adopting.

It helps to review state and country-specific laws that pertain to your case at this time. If legal complications arise, there will likely be signs. We can help you pay attention to these details and ensure there are no missing examinations or paperwork.

Formulate an Action Plan

It won’t be until this step that you discover more about adoption costs.

Once the attorney has a clear understanding of your intentions, they can identify the work that will be involved. Adoption processes are complex for parents, but our attorneys are well-versed in how it all works. Communication must continue during this phase as it gives you a chance to discuss expectations and updates.

If you’re worried about the costs, we can discuss the attached fees during these weekly briefings. This helps people pay along the way, so they aren’t left with a bill at the end. Neglecting to hire an attorney could result in delays and issues since the process isn’t easy to understand.

Affording Your Attorney

Regardless of which adoption agency you go through, the attached fees can quickly accumulate.

Many people hold off on adopting a child because they are worried about the expenses. Financing legal fees with a loan or credit card can help prevent delays and grow your family. If you can’t cover the fees in cash, loans and credit cards are the simplest solution, just don’t forget about interest rates.

Fortunately, Maryland offers legal financial aid to residents with state resources. Non-profit organizations can also be of use, we can help you find which ones you qualify for.

At your local department, you can learn about the Maryland Adoption Assistance Program. This statewide program makes adoption more affordable and realistic for families. Not only can you receive monthly payments, but also medical assistance for the child(ren).

If you have any concerns about the costs, talk to our team to look for a solution. We have flexible payment options that help make clients happy with our results.

Make Sure Your Adoption Lawyer Costs Are Worth It

Whether you want to adopt in Maryland or an international child, our team can initiate the process.

Families in the Baltimore and Towson areas have built a strong foundation with our assistance. You can determine how much our adoption lawyer costs after a brief consultation to review your case. Depending on what type of adoption you choose, it could change the fees.

If you need legal help, our team specializes in adoption, custody, divorce, and family law. Start taking steps toward your new life with your family by contacting us today!