Child custody changes can be complicated. Read here for eleven telltale signs that you need to hire a child custody modification attorney.Did you recently find relief after a divorce, but now there’s been a change of circumstances and arrangements need to be made?

Dealing with child custody agreements can get overwhelming if you’re trying to negotiate. Lingering tension and problems can arise if the arrangements must be modified. If you don’t want to expose yourself or your child to any trauma, it helps to hire an attorney.

Take a look at some of the most common reasons to work with a child custody modification attorney below.

1. Violation of Court Orders

One of the most common reasons people hire a child custody modification attorney is when one party isn’t obeying the rules.

Custody agreements are specific and meant to be followed at all times. Until there are adjustments legally made to the custody arrangements, both parties must act within the orders.

If a parent doesn’t show up for their scheduled time with their child or doesn’t make payments, it can have long-term effects. To maintain stability, work with our team of lawyers and resolve these violations with help.

2. You’re Worried About Your Child’s Safety

To help you and your child succeed, conflict must be minimized.

Abuse, neglect, and poor treatment can make your child feel unsafe. If you or your child is worried about their safety while visiting the other parent, you must take quick action. Avoid using terms like “favorite parent” and work with our team to ensure your child is kept safe.

Unpredictability can have consequences for your child, especially if a parent shows aggression. Physical and mental abuse should be taken seriously. You can identify these issues by monitoring how your child acts before and after parental visits.

In 2021, four million children were maltreated by a parent. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that our team can help you find if you need them. If there are emergencies or signs of escalation, contact the police for help.

3. There Are Signs of Alcohol & Drug Use

If you suspect that your child’s parent is under the influence during visitations, you must set clear boundaries.

Our team can help you find protection with reasonable modifications to custody arrangements. More than 10% of children are living with a parent who is suffering from addiction, but many of these cases go untreated. Acting on the signs and changing terms can prevent their issues with alcohol and drugs from affecting the family.

Delaying action when there are clear signs of substance abuse can put your child’s life at risk. Some parents modify their arrangements so that a parent must test or be clean before they see the child. Our team of experts can help you find the most appropriate solution.

4. Someone Is Arrested or Convicted of a Crime

Has your ex recently found themselves behind bars?

Jailtime and convictions impact custody arrangements, but only after evidence is given to the court. Even if the case is ongoing, you can petition for full custody if there are potential risks or concerns for your child in their care.

To take control of the situation, you must know what the grounds are for full custody of a child. You are likely to be granted full custody if the other parent is arrested, especially for a dangerous crime.

5. The Child Requests a Change

At the end of the day, child custody lawyers are looking out for the child and what’s best for them.

If your child makes a request or asks to live with another parent, legal changes are necessary. A change in the child’s wishes should be taken seriously and followed when possible. As long as there aren’t any reasons that would put them at risk, the court may modify the arrangements.

Talking to your child about divorce without negative reactions and responses can help them find the most suitable home. Children require stability while growing up and going to school. Negotiating is often the most beneficial since it helps parents work together, even while separated.

6. Change of Circumstances

The needs of a child and family are always evolving and certain changes may signify that you need to hire a lawyer.

Medical conditions and diagnoses are often overlooked, but can drastically change custody agreements. For example, if you discover that your child needs braces or sustains an injury and requires care, it should be reflected in the payments. Keep a record of medical and legal documents that prove the cost of these changes.

Working with a child custody modification attorney at JM Blattner can help you tackle these changes and prepare for the future. Instead of stressing about the unknown, you can have an experienced professional who will coach you through the options.

7. Job Loss

If either parent loses their job or their income changes, the order may need to be reevaluated.

Whether either parent gets laid off, fired, or put on medical leave, you need an attorney by your side. These drastic changes can disrupt your custody payments and hold your child back. If changes are occurring from the separation, you’ll need additional support to handle the legalities.

The loss of a job can impact more than the breadwinner’s paycheck. Not only will the payment amount change, but insurance and other benefits should also be reviewed. JM Blattner can help you dive into your contract to ensure you are giving and receiving the right amounts.

When children aren’t exposed to serious changes and conflict, they increase resiliency. Our law firm recommends using counseling to help your child work through these emotions and changes. Although a job loss would seem to impact the parents the most, the children often feel the tension and unpredictability.

8. Death of a Family Member

Parent and caretaker deaths have immediate impacts on child custody arrangements.

If you hire a lawyer, you can learn how to move forward while helping your child grieve. Arrangements may be impacted if a caretaker passes or either parent. Living arrangements and payments won’t stay the same after a death in the family and you don’t want to overlook the legalities.

JM Blattner specializes in divorce and child custody cases to help families find a healthy life. We guide our clients through the process with patience and understanding.

9. Moving Homes or Relocating

When the custodial parent has to move homes for a job or to care for other family members, negotiations are brought back to the table.

The noncustodial parent can request changes to ensure the child can’t leave the state or must remain within a certain distance. This is one of the more difficult cases for modifications since there isn’t much flexibility when a parent moves for a job.

After your free consultation, JM Blattner professionals can help you find fair terms that don’t hold the family back. If the noncustodial parent doesn’t have income, however, they may not have as much say in where the child lives. Depending on your situation, we can ensure your child ends up in a safe and consistent home.

10. Significant Increase in Income

Getting a promotion can be exciting, but it could also mean that you have to pay more for child support.

If either parent receives an increase in income, the contract may change. They can invest more money into their child’s wellbeing and health. If either parent is staying at home to care for the child and the other parent works, custody payments can significantly increase.

If you can’t reach an agreement to support payments, a custody lawyer can help. Custody changes should reflect your current situation. If you need help navigating this issue, please fill out a quick form and contact our team!

11. Change of School

As your child ages, they will change schools and start participating in extracurriculars.

This is highly encouraged for their happiness and success, but it can put a major strain on parents. Balancing quality time with transportation to school can result in custody modifications. If you need more time, for example, to take your child to school because it’s further out of the way, the other parent must adapt.

Acting on these changes ahead of time can help you be prepared for the first day. If your child is constantly rushed or being bounced around for school, changes can be made. Additional time for your schedule or more money can make the commute easier.

If you and your ex live in different areas, it can also impact the school your child goes to. Typically, the child attends a school near the custodial parent’s home. However, sometimes other arrangements are more feasible.

Do You Need a Child Custody Modification Attorney?

Whether you are recently divorced or it’s years later, you need to hire a child custody modification attorney.

Our law firm works with middle to high-income families that are dealing with the child custody process. If you live in Maryland and any of the signs mentioned above are present, we can offer assistance in the Baltimore and Towson areas.

Working with JM Blattner can help you get back on your feet after a separation. Check out our divorce resources and get your free consultation!