Would you like to know about the top questions to ask when hiring a child custody lawyer? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Did you know that each year there are over 700,000 divorces? Divorces are already tough to go through, but they’re even harder with kids. This is especially true if the parents can’t agree on a custody decision.

If you’ve decided to go to court for the custody of your kids, then you will need the best child custody lawyer. These cases can often get messy, so you want someone on your side that understands the intricacies of the law and your specific case.

That’s why we made this article. In it, we’ll go over some of the top questions that you should ask this type of lawyer. That way, you can be sure that you’re going with the option that feels right. Let’s get started!

Getting Started: Gather a List of Candidates

The first thing you should do is gather a list of potential child custody lawyers. We recommend first asking around your network. Odds are that one of your friends, family, or coworkers went through a divorce and can recommend someone.

If your network doesn’t turn anything up, then you can turn to an internet search. Just make sure you limit your results to lawyers with good reviews. While you should take reviews with a grain of salt they can be an appropriate indication of what the average customer experience was like.

Also, make sure you limit your selections to professionals that work in family law. These are a lawyer that specializes in divorce, alimony, and child custody cases. Once you have a shortlist of two or three candidates, then it’s time to schedule a consultation.

Make sure you go in there with the prepared questions we have. That way, you get a good sense of who they are.

Question #1: What Is Your Background Like?

First, you should ask about their qualifications. You can start by asking where they went to law school and how long they’ve been practicing law. You should also inquire about how many child custody cases they take on each year.

Ideally, they will handle a lot of cases that look just like yours. While the educational and professional background of a lawyer isn’t always a deal-breaker, it can be a good indicator of the level of experience they have.

Question #2: What Is Your Legal Philosophy?

This question can get a little more abstract, but it’s still one of the most important questions to ask. You should ask what their typical attitude or personality is when they handle these child custody cases.

The right answer for you might depend on the specific circumstances of your case. For example, let’s say you’re dealing with an ex-partner that is actively trying to keep your kids away from you.

Odds are that you want a lawyer that will fight aggressively for your right to live with or visit your kids. Or, you might be on good terms with your ex-partner.

In that case, you might want a more calm lawyer that’s open to negotiation and compromise. Regardless of their legal philosophy, there is one thing that you should always check for.

You want a lawyer that will outline all of your options and allow you to choose the best course of action. Be careful around child custody lawyers that tell you what to do.

Question #3: What Is Your Assessment of My Case?

Every child custody case is different. As such, you should ask the child custody lawyer for an assessment of your case. Odds are they can give you a good idea of the kind of resolution you should expect.

Just remember that you shouldn’t get angry at the results. For example, maybe you want sole custody, but your lawyer says that you should expect a joint custody ruling.

At the end of the day, there’s not much you, or any lawyer can do about this. You can try to fight it, your child is likely to end up like a quarter of all children in the US — with one parent living outside of their household. The sooner you can accept the reality of your case, the easier it will be.

Question #4: Who Will Handle My Case?

Often in the Towson, Maryland area, big lawyer firms will act like they are personally handling your case. But, in reality, they’re passing it off to their subordinates. As such, you should ask the lawyer if they will personally be working on your case.

It’s all right if they pass off some paperwork to other child custody lawyers or paralegals. But, they must have a hand in it still.

You should also make sure that anyone working on your case is qualified. Ideally, they will also provide you with progress reports on it.

Question #5: What Are Your Fees?

Finally, you should ask about their pricing structure. Can you afford this lawyer? Remember that simple child custody cases that are structured around negotiation tend to be affordable.

The same isn’t true for cases you need to pursue in court. So, if you’re gearing up for a legal battle, then it will be expensive.

If you don’t have enough money for a child custody attorney, then try asking for more affordable options. They might offer discounts by passing your case off to a paralegal.

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