Divorces can get complicated and messy in the blink of an eye. Here’s a quick guide to help you know when to hire a divorce lawyer.

Since the pandemic, there has been a 34% rise in divorce agreements. Even though we all dream of living our happy endings and being married forever, sometimes things happen, and you need a divorce lawyer.

But, finding the right lawyer can be tricky; often, people decide not to get the law involved in their divorce.

Although it’s possible to get divorced without a divorce lawyer, you could lose valuable assets and potentially the custody of your children.

So, to avoid any disasters, this article will walk you through what to look out for so you know exactly when to hire a lawyer during your separation.

Why Divorce Lawyers Are Essential

When you’re going through a divorce, you experience overwhelming emotions and stress, so it can be hard to see what’s important.

If you have children with an ex-spouse, then a family lawyer will ensure your rights are protected after the separation. Consulting with a family attorney specializing in divorce is essential for your family.

Therefore, the first reason to get a divorce lawyer is to have someone who fights for your side and ensures you are protected in court.

To Protect Your Parental Rights

As we all know, divorce can be a traumatizing and challenging time for everyone. But, children can be badly affected if the divorce happens early in their childhood.

During divorce settlements, you will have to agree on the custody of your children. And, if you don’t feel confident voicing your concerns in the context of family law, then a lawyer will be there for you.

The best way to ensure you get to see your children as much as possible is to get a divorce lawyer who will keep everything legal and fair.

Help With Legal Advice

Unlike a breakup, when two people decide to go their separate ways, a divorce is much more complicated and confusing. There are several legal terms and documents involved.

Instead of figuring out the system alone, a divorce lawyer can walk you through the individual steps and clarify any words or phrases you don’t understand.

Otherwise, you could make mistakes that delay the process and drag out the proceedings.

Better Communication With Spouse

Finally, a divorce lawyer can help you separate the emotional feelings towards the marriage from the legal details. It’s only human to feel anger, sadness, and even betrayal during a divorce.

But, if these emotions become too tricky and you can’t communicate appropriately with your spouse, you need a divorce lawyer.

Without good communication, important information can get lost during a divorce. If you hire a divorce lawyer, they can handle the conversations with your spouse and their legal team.

That way, you can focus on keeping a level head and getting through the process with the support around you. The whole process can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Warning Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of working with a divorce lawyer, you might be thinking, how do you know when to hire one?

Here are some of the most common signs that you need a divorce lawyer and when to take action.

No Communication

The beginning of separation can sometimes be smooth, especially if you agree to divorce together and there’s no specific event leading to the marriage’s end.

However, once you’ve decided to separate, it can be hard to keep up with communication. For instance, your spouse might stop responding to texts, not call you back, or avoid meeting up when you arrange an appointment.

If your communication stops, you must reach out to a divorce lawyer. Whether the separation involves family law or not, you must communicate about things like finances, homes, or other assets.

Domestic Abuse

Apart from lack of communication, another important reason to seek help is if there’s been any form of abuse in your marriage.

In recent years, there have been more reports of domestic abuse, meaning more people are suffering in their homes and feeling trapped in their relationships.

If you or someone you know can leave an abusive relationship, the first thing to prioritize is getting legal advice from a divorce lawyer.

Abuse can cause both mental and physical harm, so you need to get a lawyer to guide you through the process and ensure you are safe and comfortable.


A lot of divorces happen as a result of unfaithfulness. Most of the time, when there’s an affair, a separation comes next. But, some couples decide to work through their issues in therapy.

However, if you leave a spouse because they’ve been unfaithful, then it’s also important that you hire a divorce lawyer. As long as you have the right legal team, you can make sure you secure your personal assets.

They can work with your spouse’s legal team so you can limit personal contact and communication if you don’t want to speak with your partner.

The Best Thing for Children

Lastly, children are the main reason that divorce lawyers should be hired during a separation. When you share children with someone, you will have to negotiate on holidays, weekends, and other events.

Working with a divorce lawyer is the best thing for the children. You can explain the situation to your lawyer and give them a set schedule that provides structure.

All of these reasons are warning signs that you need a divorce lawyer.

Get the Divorce Lawyer You Deserve

Whether you’re considering getting a divorce lawyer, or you have left a relationship and your spouse is refusing to speak with you, it’s vital that you get legal advice as soon as possible.

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