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There are now over 74,600 family law and divorce lawyers across the US. If you want to file for a divorce, it’s important to find the best family law attorney in town. Their experience and expertise could impact the outcome of your divorce.

Not every divorce lawyer you contact will have the experience you need, though.

Here are seven questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney. Asking these questions will help you vet your options. You’ll have an easier time making an informed decision before signing a contract.

An experienced lawyer will have an easier time accomplishing your goals. They’ll fight with your best interests in mind every step of the way.

Discover how to find the best family law attorney by asking these questions today.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Remember, not every lawyer you contact will have years of relevant experience. As you interview each lawyer, take the time to learn about their professional history. First, ask each lawyer how long they’ve practiced law.

Make sure they have years of experience practicing locally, too. Some divorce and child custody laws are specific to Maryland. Find someone who has years of case experience in the area.

It’s not enough to find an experienced general lawyer, though. Instead, determine how long each lawyer has specialized. How many family law cases have they handled over the years?

Try to find a marital property disputes law firm in the area. Otherwise, consider the specifics of your case.

Choose a lawyer with experience relevant to your situation.

For example, you might want to hire a child custody lawyer. Perhaps you need an alimony support attorney instead. Maybe you need a high-income divorce attorney.

A family law attorney can handle different situations, including:

  • Child custody agreements
  • Estates and wills
  • Prenuptial agreements

Once you determine what type of help you need, find a lawyer who specializes in offering those legal services.

Choosing a lawyer based on your specific needs can improve the outcome of your case. Someone who lacks relevant experience could make costly mistakes. They might struggle to accomplish your goals as well.

Choosing someone with relevant experience, on the other hand, can give you peace of mind. They’ll have the know-how and abilities necessary to help.

2. Can You Provide References?

Not every lawyer with years of experience practicing is capable of helping their clients, though. Once you have a list of lawyers, ask each one for references. Try to speak with three of their most recent divorce clients.

If you can, speak with clients who filed for a divorce under similar circumstances. For example, you might want to find someone who hired a child custody lawyer. Then, learn about their experience filing for their divorce.

Make a list of questions you want to ask beforehand, such:

  • Did the lawyer accomplish your goals
  • Were they experienced and knowledgeable
  • Were they easy to communicate with
  • Did you encounter any problems

Look online for client reviews, too. You can check the law firm’s Better Business Bureau or Google My Business listing.

Try to find a divorce lawyer who has already gained a strong, positive reputation. Their reputation can speak to their abilities.

3. Do You Have Courtroom Experience?

Once you find someone with years of experience practicing law, make sure they’re prepared for any situation. Determine if your lawyer has courtroom experience. Ask them about the process of going to court, too.

You can’t anticipate whether or not your divorce will go to court. Finding someone with courtroom experience can give you peace of mind.

These lawyers will know how to prepare you to speak in front of a judge or jury.

Some lawyers, however, feel apprehensive about going to court. They might approve a deal before you get the chance to negotiate terms. These lawyers won’t have your best interests in mind.

4. What Was the Outcome of Your Recent Cases?

About 746,900 divorces were filed within the span of a single year. Remember, not every situation is the same, though. As you interview a family law attorney, ask them about their most recent clients.

What goals did the client want to accomplish? What was the outcome of that divorce? Determine if the lawyer was able to accomplish the client’s goals.

If they weren’t able to achieve their client’s goals, they might struggle to accomplish your goals, too.

5. What Outcome Do You Expect?

Talk to a lawyer about the specifics of your divorce. Outline the terms you want to meet, too. Then, ask the lawyer if they’re able to accomplish your goals.

Make sure to bring relevant documents to your consultation appointment, too. For example, the lawyer might want to look at financial documents.

Ask them what outcome they expect. They shouldn’t give you a guarantee.

Instead, the lawyer should help you remain realistic about the road ahead.

For example, you can ask a spousal support lawyer how you’ll work out child support and custody issues. You can ask if you’ll have to pay alimony, too.

Your lawyer can walk you through the process and help you determine an approximate timeline.

6. How Will We Communicate?

Determine if the lawyer you interview will handle your case. If not, make sure they won’t hand you off to a junior lawyer at the firm. Instead, make sure someone with relevant experience will handle your divorce.

Determine how often you’ll communicate with your primary lawyer. Will they keep you updated? Will they call, email, or meet with you in person?

If the lawyer is too busy to handle your case, find someone who can dedicate the time and attention you deserve.

7. How Much Will This Cost?

Ask each divorce lawyer on your list about their fee structure, too. How do they determine pricing? When will you pay them?

Gather multiple quotes from lawyers in the area to compare their fees.

Choose the Best: 7 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Maryland will give you peace of mind before you begin this emotional process. Make sure to ask these questions before you hire a lawyer. You can feel confident in their abilities to fight at your side.

With their help, you can accomplish your case goals without unnecessary stress.

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